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Why Manifestation Is Effortless 

Manifestation is a process of allowing yourself to recede into a positive and relaxed mental state. This altered state is the key to why manifestation will work for you, because when you enter this empowered state you will experience mental and physciological changes. 

These changes will enable you to conceive of things you didn't consider before, and even find yourself accomplishing things you never before thought possible. The more you are in this empowered state, the more profound its effects will be on you and you will feel the benefits of this shift for long after you first try it.


Relaxed People Are Effective People

In the field of Positive Psychology there have been studies regarding the effectiveness of people in their work and the relation of their productivity to their mental state. Psychologists have found that people who are happier actually achieve many times more than people who are not. 

Many think that hard work will result in happiness, but these psychologists have found this is actually backwards thinking. If you shift yourself into happiness first, you will be many times more productive and effective in your work, which will allow you to enter a state of positive returns. By using relaxation technologies you can allow yourself to shift mental states from negative to positive and begin succeeding in all aspects of your life, today. 


Wake up every day knowing you have all the abundance you desire.

Imagine if you had all the abundance you desired at all times, and were able to spend the time doing what YOU wanted to do whenever you wanted.

You even found the time to have that fantastic vacation you've been putting off for so long, and are now able to spend quality time with your loved ones.

Best of all, you get to enjoy some quiet “me-time”to meditate, read a book, and do the things you really love.

How happy and fulfilled would you feel on a regular basis?

Unfortunately, most of us have unfulfilled dreams that we just KNOW we could accomplish if we only had a little push. And even worse, we’ve accomplished little of what we dreamed about years ago and for many of us TIME IS RUNNING OUT. There’s still so much we want and need to accomplish. We feel exhausted, stressed and often broke.

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Where did the money go?

All too often, people unknowingly get into patterns of lack of abundance.

You see, having a lack of abundance has a sneaky way of keeping you broke, without allowing you to be productive with and create the life you KNOW you deserve!

So what if you could eliminate a lack of abundance for good? What would THAT be like for you?.


The Revolutionary Simple 5 Step Process To Attract Absolutely Anything You Desire

When you get rid of a lackof abundance, you are free to live up to your highest potential. And when you’re free to live that best version of yourself, you can finally enjoy the abundant life of your dreams.

 Step 1: Define Exactly What You Want

This is the most important step. Creating a crystal clear vision to manifest will make the rest of the process flow. 

 Step 2: Activate Your Desire with Powerful Emotions

Firmly attaching the life-giving force of emotion to your goal, while in a calm, relaxed, focused state of mind, skyrockets your chance of success.

 Step 3: Visualize Your Goal with Vivid Precision  

Mentally seeing your goal as if you’ve already achieved it, is key to activating your subconscious, and propelling you to the exact actions needed to create your reality.

 Step 4: Create a Plan and Take Daily Inspired Action

An action plan filled with daily passion, excites and affirms your commitment to making your vision a reality. 

 Step 5: Adjust and Make Course Corrections

Make regular course corrections along the way, and use some form of support to encourage you when you’re unclear.

Everyone has the ability to achieve abundance in all areas of life – from career to financial, health, relationships and more…

Yet, we often sabotage our own happiness by a lack of abundance-mentality take over.

So, what’s really holding us back from manifesting what we truly desire?

We stay in a state of lack because it solves a problem

Despite knowing this we continue to be broke because it protects us from our fears, and surprisingly, this turns out to be more important than attracting the things we truly desire and DESERVE.

We would rather delay asking for a raise because we’re afraid of facing rejection.

We would rather delay pursuing a business idea because we’re afraid of facing criticism.

In other words, being in a state of lack solves a problem.

Being broke protects us from criticism, judgment, possible failure, or even from success.  Being in a state of lack of abundance keeps us safe from our fears.

Meet Mike Evans

Your success and abundance coach who’s dedicated to help you easily attract absolutely anything you desire.

Mike Evans is a spiritual success teacher who started his journey in 1989 as a way to relieve the pain he felt at the sudden loss of a family member.

He first tried conventional medical therapy, only to find high-powered psychotropic prescription drugs he did not want.

Convinced there had to be a better way, he began connecting to the world of Spiritual Abundance. Through much pain and many false starts, Mike finally created a customized path for himself that involved a simple 5-step system.

Inspired by this process, Mike met with some of the world’s top, scientists, and world-renown spiritual leaders to create The Abundance Code to allow others to create a custom path for themselves and experience the joy that now fills his life.

Mike is an acclaimed author, speaker and businessman who has appeared on all three major television networks and on the front page of The Washington Post for his work in helping others.


“The Abundance Code"

Attract Absolutely Anything You Desire

MODULE 1: Crystal Clear Vision

You’ll discover the principles the course is  built on, preparing you to attract your life-changing  results with record speed. Here you lay out exactly  what you really want. The quick-start guide gets you  results in just 2 days, and then leverages that to propel you towards your first major life goal 21 days later.

MODULE 2: Relax and Balance Your Mind

To remove blockages  you connect with the simplest possible way to relax your mind and body to remove any conflicting desires. This module includes everything you need to make sure all parts of your psyche are working in complete harmony.


MODULE 3: Visualize Your Goals With Full Emotion

This modules gives you the exact steps to add deep strong emotion to the mental picture of your desire, using shortcuts developed by NASA scientists. It also includes the best way possible for you to create your specific action plan to take daily inspired action and affirm your commitment to move towards your goals.


MODULE 4: Create an Action Plan and Take Daily Inspired Action

This module practically creates your action plan for you using my trademarked “Abundance Planner Kit©” giving you a specific action plan that allows you to take daily inspired action to affirm your commitment to move towards your goals with ease.


MODULE 5: Making Course Corrections

This module gives you the ability to focus and notice when to make regular course corrections, to make sure you’re taking the shortest path possible to your goals.

MODULE 6: Emotional Freedom Technique(EFT)

Audios for Energy, Focus, Relaxation, Creativity and Sleep This module includes the famous “Abundance Five” audio-set that help throughout your day.

MODULE 7:Master Class in Big Goals (Lifebook)

My favorite module. This module is for your whole-life and long-term goals. Whether you want to start a business, raise a family, or change the world, this module let’s you make long-term goals and achieve them with ease.

Why wait until tomorrow to attract what you desire?

Here are 3 ways we make it easy for you.

  1. Designed for Busy People

    Each module is less than 20 minutes, making it easy for you to get started today.

  2. Works Wherever You Are

    Comes ready to use on you PC or Mac on your iPhone or Android, or you can print it out and read the modules at your leisure.

  3. The Best Support in the Business

    Our staff is availbale to give you answers, Monday through Friday 9AM-8PM Eastern Time.

There’s a price to pay for every moment you delay…

Have you seriously thought about the real costs of having a lack of abundance and how it is holding you back from a life of success, and freedom?

A lack of abundance robs you of your very LIFE that you can never get back. It keeps you stuck in the rut of stress and pain. It holds you back from your true potential and promise. You may never know if you could have landed that dream job or launched that creative business idea, which WILL change your life.

Plus, the emotional expense that being broke has on your health, confidence, self-esteem, and relationships is beyond measure.

What are success, freedom & abundance worth to you?

This very moment, you can make a change and attract the abundance you deserve.

With “The Abundance Code”, you’ll be getting over eight hours of guided coaching and powerful tools to manifest absolutely anything you desire.

If you were to seek individual  coaching, you’d be paying at thousands of dollars. To get over 8 hours of private coaching, you could easily rack up a bill of $4,000 or more.

Because Mike wants to make this program accessible to anyone determined to transform their life, you don’t even need to pay half of this. In fact, you’ll only invest a fraction of this cost.

Try the Abundance code for just $1 and you'll instantly receive the complete “Abundance Code System” program, right here, right now.  Pay $36 In 10-Days ONLY If You Decide to Keep It. This is a ONE-TIME Payment. There are NO Monthly Payments.

And the best part is you’ll have it for life! You can go back to the program over and over as often as you need (unlike an expensive $2,000 per person seminar, which you can only visit once, and only remember a tiny bit of what you learn).

If it doesn’t change your life, you’re backed
by a 60 day money back guarantee

Attracting Abundance and manifesting absolutely anything you desire has never been easier — and risk free! You can try out the entire program for 60 days. (That’s two whole months!)

If for any reason you feel the program is not positively transforming your abundance, productivity, happiness, AND relationships we will immediately refund all of your money.

Activate your flow of abundance today!

When you attract what you truly desire, you''ll live up to your highest potential. And when you are free to live that best version of yourself, you can finally enjoy the abundant life of your dreams.

This isn’t a case of better late than never… the longer you wait, the more a lack of abundance will cost you!

Don’t look back on a missed opportunity a few months from now, and wish you had started today.

Begin manifesting this very moment – and begin to enjoy the abundance, freedom, and happiness you deserve.

Order The Complete Abundance Code System NOW to get these limited time bonus special offers!

Pay $36 In 10-Days ONLY If You Decide to Keep It.
This is a ONE-TIME Payment. There are NO Monthly Payments.